Five hands in a circle each cupping dirt with a plant in it.

Healing Tree Team

Healing Tree Massage and Wellness Studio is a collective of Healthcare Professionals working as a team to help you attain your goals of health and wellness with Registered Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Wellness Classes.

We feel very fortunate to be able to do what we love as our professions and we strive to give every client exceptional quality of care.

We believe in empowering our clients and will encourage you to take ownership of your health. We emphasize education on your specific health concern and provide instruction on exercises that will help you continue your goals between treatments at home.

We look forward to meeting you at Healing Tree Massage and Wellness Studio!

It is with great joy that Talia brings to you Healing Tree Massage & Wellness Studio. Healing Tree comes from Talia’s vision that by creating a warm, welcoming and supportive environment, everyone can attain optimal health and well-being. She invites us all to embrace a slower way of being and to take time to reconnect with Self.

Being a Registered Massage Therapist is a profoundly fulfilling profession for Talia. It has afforded her many incredible opportunities over the last 13 years giving her the chance to travel within Canada and abroad to gain valuable experience treating a wide variety of conditions some of which include common sports injuries, post surgical care, nerve impingement syndromes, scoliosis, repetitive strain injuries, edema, sciatica and headaches/migraines.

Talia takes every opportunity to better her skills through enrolling in many continuing education courses annually. Her treatments may include myofasical release, osteopathic manipulations, muscle energy technique, trigger point therapy and active isolated stretching inter-weaved with traditional swedish massage techniques.

Talia’s ability to make you feel relaxed and comfortable coupled with her talent to see the body comprehensively will make you feel ensured that you are in good hands. She looks forward to meeting you at Healing Tree and to helping you attain your goals of health and well-being.

Talia Garner, RMT/Owner


Crystal joins the Healing Tree team with 12 years of massage therapy experience. She is knowledgeable in treating a wide range of conditions including postural dysfunctions, post-surgical breast care, respiratory conditions and everyday issues affecting the musculo-skeletal system.

When Crystal isn’t at Healing Tree she can be found strapping on her roller skates, polishing her superb green thumb or in the kitchen whipping up one of her famously delicious vegetarian dishes. Crystal aspires to make each treatment personalized and to assist her clients in attaining a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Crystal Simser, RMT


Sue is a firm believer that one size does not fit all and adapts each treatment to suit her patient’s needs. She loves deep tissue, myofascial and trigger point release work and the challenge of making those treatments a relaxing experience.

Sue was named as one of the top 3 Massage Therapists in Vancouver in the Westender’s Best of the City 2017. She is a Mount Pleasant resident and can be seen on the streets with her two greyhounds.

Sue Hartling, RMT


Whit loves helping her fellow humans find physical wellness and healing through massage. She specializes in relaxing rehabilitative massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, joint mobilization and swedish massage. She is also continuing her education in muscle energy technique for the neck and upper spine.

When Whit is not helping you heal your body she is travelling, exploring the great outdoors and, more recently, working on her foraging skills. Fun fact: ‘Whit’ is not short for ‘Whitney’, but rather the phonetic way to say her Vietnamese name, Nguyet.

Whit Truong, RMT


Tammy grew up in the lower mainland, and has been living back in the city since 2006. She graduated from WCCMT in 2013, and is currently working towards her health sciences degree. She finds the most rewarding part of her job is helping patients reach their physical goals, which ultimately has a positive impact on the rest of their lives. Through hands on therapy and education, she hopes to empower patients to take control, and work towards managing their symptoms on their own as much as possible. Tammy believes that massage is only effective in the long term, if patients are invested in their own wellbeing, and willing to participate in the process.

Outside of work, she is likely spending time with her partner and their beagle, baking vegan treats, walking in the trees, or planning their next adventure!

Tammy Hallett, RMT


Marnie enjoys hearing about the progress of her clients as well as being able to help them create positive, longterm effects for their wellbeing. In addition to being a Registered Massage Therapist, Marnie has over a decade of experience as a Shiatsu Therapist, which brings a unique holistic approach to her treatments. She is excellent at reading the body quickly and with technical precision to identify imbalances.

She brings a wealth of knowledge in deep tissue and relaxation massage, passive range of motion stretching, trigger point therapy, joint mobilization, contract-relax technique, post treatment care and pre/post natal treatment. She is currently participating in a 200 hour program that includes an Osteopathic approach to mobilizations and manipulations of the Cranium, the Viscera and the Myofascia.

In her spare time, Marnie enjoys kayaking, city biking, mountain biking, sailing, music, travelling and teaches Qi Gong and yoga.

Marnie Chonka, RMT


Melissa has an interest in people’s stories and how their life experiences have created the mind-body patterns that they live in today. Her preferred area of practice is in myofascial release and she can’t get enough education in the effective technique.

A Manitoba transplant, Melissa came to Vancouver to escape the snow. Now she is a mother in pursuit of reaching ‘super mom’ status for her child with dance-offs and fort building!

Melissa Mabon, RMT


After a life long fascination with movement and human anatomy, Nicole’s journey into Massage Therapy began in 2005 when she moved to Vancouver to study at Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage. Upon graduation she stayed in Vancouver and began a career in the spa industry. With a thirst for knowledge she went on to complete her RMT and graduated from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2010. Along with her academic studies she was also training in dance and circus arts further deepening her understanding of movement in the body. As a creative mover and self proclaimed “anatomy nerd”, she has developed a holistic approach to wellness and aims to restore balance by treating the whole body and bringing calm to the mind.

She enjoys working to help restore structural imbalances, treat injuries, and help dancers and athletes achieve their performance goals through improving flexibility and overall muscle health. Forever a student, she is continuing studies in craniosacral and osteopathic techniques which she incorporates into her treatments. Nicole enjoys working to treat tendinitis, carpal tunnel, TMJ disorders, headaches, and assisting with rehabilitation from muscle strains, sprains, and sports related injuries.

Nicole is also a member of the faculty at Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage where she shares her knowledge and passion for massage with future practitioners. She is currently teaching Swedish Massage and Anatomy courses and has also taught Deep Tissue and Sports massage.

Nicole Schlemm, RMT


Jennifer is passionate about healing and has dedicated the past eight years to improving the health and wellness of others. By connecting with her clients she tailors her treatments to each client’s unique needs by incorporating a variety of techniques and approaches she deems best suited for them. Jennifer believes that knowledge is power. Through education and homecare exercises she aims to help her clients achieve their health goals to become the best version of themselves.

Beyond the clinic, she can be found appreciating all mother nature has to offer, sewing up a storm or upside down practicing aerial arts.

Jennifer Nguyen, RMT


Beata’s gift as a health care practitioner is to help facilitate/empower self love for her clients through body awareness, strengthening exercises, hydrotherapy suggestions and yoga therapy. Beata’s journey into massage began at 18, when she received a truly transformative, deeply healing massage from a Thai yoga therapist. She graduated from the West Coast College of Massage in 2007, completing a one year full-time Spa Practitioner program. There she studied Shiatsu, Thai Yoga, Aromatherapy, Healing Hydrotherapy, Swedish Massage and Reflexology. Soon after graduating, she was hired to practice massage at Miraj Hammam Spa on Granville and 6th, where she learned the magic of hydrotherapy and aromatherapy. They offer steam bath and full body exfoliations before treatment as a method of deepening effectivity of the massage. Beata’s adventures have stretched across 5 continents bringing her endless creative inspiration and valuable life experiences, one of these trips took her to Hawaii to study Lomi-Lomi massage, a type native to Hawaii, known for its deep flow and shamanic healing roots. Through the movement and dance of massage, Beata had found a consistent, bountiful source of creative flow and connection to her community through the healing arts. Inspired by the results of decreased pain and increased energy of her clients, after 8 years practicing, decided to take the next step and become a Registered Massage Therapist and attended Vancouver College of Massage Therapy to further deepen her knowledge of the physical body. She is now offering a more integrated holistic approach to massage, combining deep relaxation with deep tissue and orthopaedic style (special testing, homecare including stretch and strengthening) of assessment and treatment planning. She enjoys the process of creating intimate and trusted connections with her clients and community, leading people back to awareness of their own self healing abilities with careful attention to exercise, posture, biomechanics and lifestyle choices. She looks forward to collaborating with you !

Beata Konieczka, RMT


Ian’s history in dance and performing arts brought him to massage therapy. He describes his technique as direct, slow and methodical, using pressure to activate the nervous system, bringing patients to a place of satisfying healing. Using myofascial and rolfing techniques, Ian strives to give clients effective, yet pleasant treatments. A constant learner, Ian has continued his education in CranialSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation.

Ian is a bit of a shutterbug and brings his camera with him on motorcycle trips when he’s not working with his clients.

Ian Glass, RMT


Born and raised in Vancouver, Teresa has over 18 years of experience as a Registered Massage Therapist. Her treatments are thoughtfully tailored to the individual needs of her clients and she enjoys intuitively blending massage techniques as she reads her client’s state throughout her treatments. Some of her continue education includes craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, visceral manipulation, hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, joint mobilization and private yoga instruction.

Teresa is an advocate for getting her clients involved in their healing journey. With her background in yoga, she knows first hand the benefits of breath awareness and teaches her clients how to connect with their breath so that they can feel more present and achieve longer lasting benefits from her treatments as well as be able to develop their own healing capabilities through their breath.

Outside of Healing Tree, Teresa enjoys doing activities that keep her grounded and creative such as teaching yoga, rock climbing, jewelry making, dancing, travelling, photography and drawing in the healing and balancing energy of nature. All of which help keep her fully present when she is back in the studio treating her clients.

Teresa Joe, RMT


After graduating from Vancouver Colleague of Massage Therapy, Stephanie traveled to and practiced massage therapy in New Zealand; now back to Vancouver she loves to focus on improving her patients’ wellness and overall health. Her top priority is helping her patients maintain and return to their pain free daily activities. Stephanie focuses her practice on relaxation, deep tissue and myofascial release.

She is always looking for continued education opportunities to further her knowledge and develop her modalities to become a better Registered Massage Therapist. She brings warm, calm and personal care to her work.

Stephanie Hsu, RMT


After a rewarding yet strenuous career in the media industry, Lillian found herself ridden with tension headaches, bodily pain, and anxiety. The stress of the industry had her trying all sorts of remedies for her ailments, but it wasn’t until she tried acupuncture that everything changed. After her acupuncture program and several months of work experience in a Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital in Nanjing, China, she knew that she had found her calling. To this day, her zest for the practice is clear, as she continues to stay on top of the latest research and newest practices.

Upon learning about her journey to acupuncture, it’s easy to see why the most rewarding part of her practice is helping people with physiological as well as emotional pain (ie. anxiety, stress, depression). While she interested in treating all sorts of pain, she is particularly recommended for those who would like aid in digestive disorders, women’s health, and sleeping irregularities. Lillian provides complimentary gua sha (skin scraping) detoxification and cupping if needed in her treatments. She is also fluent in Mandarin.

Lillian Wei, R. Ac.


Your health and wellness are Robyn’s priorities once you enter her treatment room. She believes in working together to achieve your goals and is thrilled you have chosen massage therapy to aid in your healing process. Her treatments often include the use of myofascial release at various depths of pressure, joint mobilization, and relaxation massage which is often followed by remedial exercises for you to do at home.

Robyn is a resident of Mount Pleasant and thrilled to be at Healing Tree.

Robyn Culley, RMT


Kate McKenzie-Cochrane is a graduate from The Vancouver College of Massage Therapy and has been practising massage therapy since 2015 . She has experience working with many conditions including postural dysfunction, overuse injuries, scar tissue, digestive conditions, headaches, migraines, pre & postnatal, musculoskeletal conditions, neurological conditions, sports injuries, chronic pain and stress management.

Some of the modalities that Kate incorporates into her treatments include Swedish massage, trigger point release, joint mobilizations, active & passive stretching, hydrotherapy and sports massage. Kate welcomes all feedback (positive or negative) to provide her clients with the most effective treatment.

Kate McKenzie-Cochrane, RMT